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Wandering between drug addicts and scalpers


“Three seven” often awakened from a dream, whole body cold sweat. He really worried about his addiction to the upcoming children. The dark rental house, he felt his wife to kowtow, one ,and one…..

Five days ago, “three seven” to us in the rental house said, sighing a. His wife aside to persuade him: we return home, and then do not live here – “seven three” is here to degenerate into the “4” (4), the use of heroin. Advised, his wife also cry.

“Seven three” couple is Lufeng Guangdong people, from a small age to live in the same lane, read the same class. By the end of 1997, the “seven three” a retreat on the marriage. Midsummer 1998, “three seven” alone in Guangzhou, not far from the train station to the Tangxia Village rental housing under. “In the day to stand on the road to sell clothing, at night in the rental house to think of his wife, shuang”.

Things come in a surprise.

Last year, the Spring Festival, “three seven” see “beard squatting behind Taner, roll paper Jane in the ceiling, very intoxicated appearance. He is very curious, heart itch. On the day of the lantern, “let him have a beard. “Three seven” one Leng, then leaned over and took a door. Because smoking too quickly, he choked and hit a sneeze. Later, he felt dizzy, but it was very comfortable. “I know I’ve been poisoned.”

“Seven three” ended in the past.

He started smoking and drugs every day to be on terms of intimacy, rental. Stall earned money, soon turned into smoke. He is a growing addiction, smoking is not enough, and use needle injection.

Rental housing become “seven three” drug abuse. He has lost his identity card, did not apply for a temporary residence permit, lengshi in rental housing to live down, this drug has never been. And in the rental housing in the vicinity of San Yuan Li Cun, just where Akira circle, Baozhun there people come and strike up a conversation, and quickly plug over a small paper bag. “Buy drugs are in the daytime, the street, in a sneaky way we think nothing like that.”

“Three”, the purchase of capital also go from bad to worse in the belly, not put into clothing stalls. Last August, he was lying in the hot house, want money, want to make money, make money to drug.

He had to go to the train station, he heard chaopiao chaopiao to fast money, two days down, he only made a sweat. Rental housing is empty, he cried loudly.

If the husband wife know. His wife soon came to Guangzhou, will soon understand that everything: husband hot day wearing long sleeves, two front teeth have rotted away, only 27 years old has been short of the libido and total squatting at the wall, all over the world the 4th off like squatting.

His wife had to help him get the ticket. His wife became his credit card. “Seven three” no cost, let the passengers who want to buy a ticket to take out, passengers do not agree, he took his wife as collateral: do you see her pregnant, ran away? In fact, the “three seven” from the inside did not get the ticket to the ticket, he just queue jump the queue. If someone does not let the plug, he pointed to his wife: “you see my wife is a big belly, a favor.

A ticket to earn twenty, one day earn eighty ten, “three seven” was still bitter. To know, he will spend 60-100 yuan every day to buy drugs. He describes his own day: morning 10 when leaving the rental, walk to the Sanyuanli village to buy packages of the drug, then retrace rental housing, hiding in the toilet shot; about 11 o’clock and take a bus to the train station ticket speculation, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to return to rental housing, and an injection; and in the afternoon 4 when and from the rental house rushed to the train station, fry a ticket to in the evening 9 when. Back to the rental house for the last shot.

On the “seven three” of drug abuse, his wife did not too much blame. But what happened next let earthquake surprised: one is “three seven” with a dirty needle inject drugs, causing infection ass, is surgery students cut out a piece of meat; the second is the “three seven” sometimes habit to come, even his own urine recycling injection.

She begged him: give up.

“Three seven” locked the door, lying in the attic. Eight hours later, he began to yawn and run, “as if there were tens of thousands of bugs in the bones.” He took his head against the wall, pull hair caught the chest – – – – – – 30 hours after, “three seven” or ran the San Yuan Li Cun. A few days ago, “seven three” and go to an old criminal police: “I’m in the limelight again to the train station, you put me on the spot, held me for half a month, let me quit, and then I go back to my hometown — again, a month, my wife will be born.”