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Once I thought I fell in love with someone


Once I thought I fell in love with someone , he is my desk, long ordinary, is not high, remember just started to sit together with him, I am a little unhappy, because he always and other students in the classroom, I don’t like the noisy boys, because I am too boring, so I don’t like.

Beginning as a matter of fact, I with he also don’t speak, just sitting together will inevitably be some contact, one to two to also slowly familiar the, perhaps all of the love is never hated the no, I hate his noisy, I think that is a sunshine, I no longer hate boys some small habits, I think it is sloppy, gradually I began to pay attention to him before, I know he likes basketball, and students in the class and discuss how a game in which the ball, but I don’t know but he didn’t play basketball, say to let a person hard to believe.

Once I thought I was like him, because he did all the things I thought to do well, I always have a reason to praise him, but separated so long, I was not sad, and even almost did not think of him. I think, perhaps, that is not like, it is only for the kind of personality and attitude of life a yearning. I, too dull, introverted, and he is the kind of sunshine boy, I want to be like him, so I like his everything. Now, because of the change of character, I do not have that kind of desire, because I know, I can be my own sunshine.

Once I thought I fell in love with a person, in a person, I have to do anything, I do not have to worry about because of others and the action to contain, I enjoy the kind of freedom. A person walking on the street, watching pedestrians and looked at the street busy, I enjoy the aloof feeling; a person singing, don’t worry accused my tune, I enjoy the catharsis; a person to eat, eat the things I like, do not have to worry about someone with me to grab, I enjoy this feeling of happiness is full.

Once I thought I enjoy this kind of life, but slowly I found that watching someone else’s hand to go shopping, a few people in the street for something

And frolic, jokingly, I found that I was jealous. Watching people sing together, laughing at each other’s mistakes, that time even run like a day

Lai. Look at other people’s things in the past, I admit that I was jealous, because that kind of happiness is double…..

Once was I miss once, the future is the future I desire, I hope I can find a true love boyfriend,

There are a couple of friends who can argue with the noise, I hope.