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Dirty more than Sanyuanli


The hotline is a machine!

8 to 11 pm last night, the newspaper launched the five hotline, by participating in the rental house secret report of the five reporters to answer the reader calls, just three hours, 600 readers have a phone to express their views, a miss surnamed Huang from 8 pm until nearly11 to call.

Sanyuanli far more than shelter evil people and countenance evil practices.

Many readers call to reflect, the filth of the rental housing, and never more than three yuan in a place, exist in many places, a surname reader said, Shahe area rental yellow, gambling and drug abuse, “Wu Bian chicken” trip into the city, “drug addicts” commonplace, discovery pirates robbery case also. Now, rental housing has become some people commit crimes in violation of the law “back garden”, has become a “Guangzhou people heart scar”.

Temporary residence permit fees are too high

Hunan to spike the king said: do temporary residence permit, to pay 30 yuan per month, the monthly income is only a few hundred dollars of foreign workers is too expensive, so many foreign workers simply do not do. Liaoning Mr. Zhang reflect that may be out of prejudice, in Xinshi town Tangxia village, usually Liaoning, Jilin, HeilongjiHeroinang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, six provinces to the city to apply for temporary residence permits. Wu and other readers call said, individual village cadres engage in special, rent their house will not have to do zhe live, and no one can check.

Law enforcement lack of basic quality

Mr. Li and other hundreds of readers call about, like the new town Tangxia village, is a typical urban village “”. These villages in the process of urbanization, and did not include the management of urbanization. But retains the original village management. It was a strange phenomenon; some in the village of law enforcement, for example, public security personnel, and no real law enforcement qualification, also does not have the basic quality of law enforcement.

Good evening dare touch the truth

Readers praise rental housing problems, the newspaper caught the people most concerned about the masses dare to touch, to tell the truth. They also reflect that these two days of evening paper sold particularly fast, after 5 pm to buy. A man surnamed Ma of the public said yesterday he to buy an evening news, from the train station has been found in the Baiyun Airport, asked 10 newsstand, finally did not buy, had no choice but to neighbor borrowed.