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You can realize your dream

5 years ago, I went to the south to do the welfare work. All I have to do is to make everyone believe that they have the ability to be self-sufficient and motivate them to achieve their own ideas.

When I came to a small town called a secret, I called the local government to help the 25 on government benefits to the life of the poor. After shaking hands with them, I asked their first question is: “do you have any dreams?”” Everyone looked at me with a strange look at me. As if I was an alien.

“Dream? We never have dream. Dream can’t let us make a fortune.” And one of them was a red nose and the widow answered me.

I patiently explained, “there is a dream not a dream. You certainly hope to get something, and hope That something will suddenly realize, this is a dream.”

Red nose widow said: I do not know what you say the dream is something. I now want to get rid of the beast, because they always want to break into my house to bite my child.” We all laughed.

I said: Oh! What do you think of the way?” She said: “I want to install a strong, can defend the beast’s new door. So I can go out and work.” I asked: “who will do the beast door?” The crowd a balding leg man said: many years ago I came to do, I’m afraid not. But I can try.” Then I ask you what dreams are. A single mother said: I want to go to the University Secretary, but no one to take care of my 6 children.” I asked: who can take care of 6 children.”

A lonely old woman said: “I used to help others with too many children, I think I can bring those cute little guy.” I give the bald man some money to buy materials and tools, and then let these people dissolved.

A week later, I called the poor. My nose as the red widow: your home door installed anti beast?”
Red nose widow happy to say: I do not have to guard my child at home again, I have time to realize my dream.”
I then asked how to feel the bald man. He said to me: many years ago, I gave my own to do the anti monster, did not do well, then I would never do. This time I want to do a good job, the result is really good. Many people say I am great, and can do so strong and beautiful door.”

I said to the poor people who need help, this is a very good example. It shows that the dream is real. A lot of time not ourselves no skill, but we rest on our laurels, do not want to try, or not willing to put in the effort. ”

5 years later, when I come to the dense Addo visit, when the 25 poor, only six mental retardation of persons with disabilities continue to living on government welfare, the remaining 19 people had on the self-sufficiency of the happy life: red nose widow coffee harvest is very good, balding man into the local famous carpenter. The childless old lady opened a daycare center after the University of single’s mother is the best, she opened a large furniture company, absorbing the many need help people to her company to employment.