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Work for your dream


Qiwabo was born in American village, only educated very short. I5 years old, home on one’s uppers he came to a mountain village to do the groom. However, the aspiring Qiwabo isn’t looking for every hour and moment of new opportunities.

Three years later, Qiwabo came to a construction site steel magnate Carnegie’s work. Enter a building site, Qiwabo was determined to be the best people to do, colleagues. When other workers complain of hard work, the salary is too low and sabotage, Qiwabo are quietly accumulated the experience, and self knowledge construction.


One night, the fellows in the chat, but Qiwabo hides in the corner to read a book. Happened to company manager to check the site work. See the manager Qiwabo in the hands of the book to see, and rolled his notebook and didn’t say anything and left. The second day, the Qiwabo manager called to the office, and asked: “what do you learn from those things?” ‘I think our company is not lack of workers, lack of experience and professional knowledge of technical personnel or management personnel, right?” Qiwabo answer seriously. The manager nodded his head, and looked carefully at the appearance of the young man who was not surprising. Soon, Qiwabo rose to the technician. Part-time companion, people sarcasm Qiwabo, he replied said: “I am not only in working for the boss, not only to make money, I was in work for their dreams for their promising work. We can only improve their performance in their own. I want to make my own work the value, far more than the salary, only in this way can I get the opportunity to be reused.” With this faith, Qiwabo gradually rose to the position of chief engineer. At the age of 25, Qiwabo and the steel company general manager, assume the important task of the construction company’s largest Brad mills. By dint of the extraordinary effort. Qiwabo in two years as the director of the factory, and gradually become the soul of the Carnegie steel company. Several years later, he was appointed as chairman of the Steel Corp by Carnegie.


Qiwabo served as chairman of the seven years, when control of American Railway lifeline zaibatsu Morgan, is proposed with the Carnegie United steel operation. At the beginning, Carnegie didn’t bother. So Morgan released the wind, said that if Carnegie refused, he would find the United States steel industry, the second place in the United States and the United States, Beth Leh Steel Corp. This is a panic, and he knows Beth Leh M and Morgan joint, it will pose a threat to their own development. One day, Carnegie gave a list of Qiwabo said: “according to the above conditions, you talk about joint issues with Morgan.” He Qiwabo take over and looked, well aware of Morgan and Beiliesihe parent company’s situation with a smile of Carnegie said: ‘you have the final decision, but I want to tell you that according to these conditions to talk about, Morgan must be willing to accept, but you will lose a lot of money. It seems that you have not investigated the matter with me.” After analysis, Carnegie admitted that he had an estimated Morgan. Carnegie commissioned Qiwabo negotiations with Morgan, made a joint condition has the absolute advantage of Carnegie. Morgan feel to eat to have a deficit, on the Qiwabo said: “since that is the case, please Carnegie tomorrow to my office to sign it.” Qiwabo the second day early in the morning on to the Morgan’s office, conveyed the Carnegie’s words to him: “from Wall Street to 51st street, and from Wall Street to 51st street in the distance is the same.” Morgan hesitated a moment, said: “that I used to!” Morgan never condescend to someone else’s office, but this time he encountered is Qiwabo devoted, so had to lower their own proud head Shun.

Later, Qiwabo finally establishing himself large of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and a special performance, real completed his leap from a migrant workers to entrepreneurs.