Work for your dream


Qiwabo was born in American village, only educated very short. I5 years old, home on one’s uppers he came to a mountain village to do the groom. However, the aspiring Qiwabo isn’t looking for every hour and moment of new opportunities.

Three years later, Qiwabo came to a construction site steel magnate Carnegie’s work. Enter a building site, Qiwabo was determined to be the best people to do, colleagues. When other workers complain of hard work, the salary is too low and sabotage, Qiwabo are quietly accumulated the experience, and self knowledge construction.


One night, the fellows in the chat, but Qiwabo hides in the corner to read a book. Happened to company manager to check the site work. See the manager Qiwabo in the hands of the book to see, and rolled his notebook and didn’t say anything and left. The second day, the Qiwabo manager called to the office, and asked: “what do you learn from those things?” ‘I think our company is not lack of workers, lack of experience and professional knowledge of technical personnel or management personnel, right?” Qiwabo answer seriously. The manager nodded his head, and looked carefully at the appearance of the young man who was not surprising. Soon, Qiwabo rose to the technician. Part-time companion, people sarcasm Qiwabo, he replied said: “I am not only in working for the boss, not only to make money, I was in work for their dreams for their promising work. We can only improve their performance in their own. I want to make my own work the value, far more than the salary, only in this way can I get the opportunity to be reused.” With this faith, Qiwabo gradually rose to the position of chief engineer. At the age of 25, Qiwabo and the steel company general manager, assume the important task of the construction company’s largest Brad mills. By dint of the extraordinary effort. Qiwabo in two years as the director of the factory, and gradually become the soul of the Carnegie steel company. Several years later, he was appointed as chairman of the Steel Corp by Carnegie.


Qiwabo served as chairman of the seven years, when control of American Railway lifeline zaibatsu Morgan, is proposed with the Carnegie United steel operation. At the beginning, Carnegie didn’t bother. So Morgan released the wind, said that if Carnegie refused, he would find the United States steel industry, the second place in the United States and the United States, Beth Leh Steel Corp. This is a panic, and he knows Beth Leh M and Morgan joint, it will pose a threat to their own development. One day, Carnegie gave a list of Qiwabo said: “according to the above conditions, you talk about joint issues with Morgan.” He Qiwabo take over and looked, well aware of Morgan and Beiliesihe parent company’s situation with a smile of Carnegie said: ‘you have the final decision, but I want to tell you that according to these conditions to talk about, Morgan must be willing to accept, but you will lose a lot of money. It seems that you have not investigated the matter with me.” After analysis, Carnegie admitted that he had an estimated Morgan. Carnegie commissioned Qiwabo negotiations with Morgan, made a joint condition has the absolute advantage of Carnegie. Morgan feel to eat to have a deficit, on the Qiwabo said: “since that is the case, please Carnegie tomorrow to my office to sign it.” Qiwabo the second day early in the morning on to the Morgan’s office, conveyed the Carnegie’s words to him: “from Wall Street to 51st street, and from Wall Street to 51st street in the distance is the same.” Morgan hesitated a moment, said: “that I used to!” Morgan never condescend to someone else’s office, but this time he encountered is Qiwabo devoted, so had to lower their own proud head Shun.

Later, Qiwabo finally establishing himself large of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and a special performance, real completed his leap from a migrant workers to entrepreneurs.

Wandering between drug addicts and scalpers


“Three seven” often awakened from a dream, whole body cold sweat. He really worried about his addiction to the upcoming children. The dark rental house, he felt his wife to kowtow, one ,and one…..

Five days ago, “three seven” to us in the rental house said, sighing a. His wife aside to persuade him: we return home, and then do not live here – “seven three” is here to degenerate into the “4” (4), the use of heroin. Advised, his wife also cry.

“Seven three” couple is Lufeng Guangdong people, from a small age to live in the same lane, read the same class. By the end of 1997, the “seven three” a retreat on the marriage. Midsummer 1998, “three seven” alone in Guangzhou, not far from the train station to the Tangxia Village rental housing under. “In the day to stand on the road to sell clothing, at night in the rental house to think of his wife, shuang”.

Things come in a surprise.

Last year, the Spring Festival, “three seven” see “beard squatting behind Taner, roll paper Jane in the ceiling, very intoxicated appearance. He is very curious, heart itch. On the day of the lantern, “let him have a beard. “Three seven” one Leng, then leaned over and took a door. Because smoking too quickly, he choked and hit a sneeze. Later, he felt dizzy, but it was very comfortable. “I know I’ve been poisoned.”

“Seven three” ended in the past.

He started smoking and drugs every day to be on terms of intimacy, rental. Stall earned money, soon turned into smoke. He is a growing addiction, smoking is not enough, and use needle injection.

Rental housing become “seven three” drug abuse. He has lost his identity card, did not apply for a temporary residence permit, lengshi in rental housing to live down, this drug has never been. And in the rental housing in the vicinity of San Yuan Li Cun, just where Akira circle, Baozhun there people come and strike up a conversation, and quickly plug over a small paper bag. “Buy drugs are in the daytime, the street, in a sneaky way we think nothing like that.”

“Three”, the purchase of capital also go from bad to worse in the belly, not put into clothing stalls. Last August, he was lying in the hot house, want money, want to make money, make money to drug.

He had to go to the train station, he heard chaopiao chaopiao to fast money, two days down, he only made a sweat. Rental housing is empty, he cried loudly.

If the husband wife know. His wife soon came to Guangzhou, will soon understand that everything: husband hot day wearing long sleeves, two front teeth have rotted away, only 27 years old has been short of the libido and total squatting at the wall, all over the world the 4th off like squatting.

His wife had to help him get the ticket. His wife became his credit card. “Seven three” no cost, let the passengers who want to buy a ticket to take out, passengers do not agree, he took his wife as collateral: do you see her pregnant, ran away? In fact, the “three seven” from the inside did not get the ticket to the ticket, he just queue jump the queue. If someone does not let the plug, he pointed to his wife: “you see my wife is a big belly, a favor.

A ticket to earn twenty, one day earn eighty ten, “three seven” was still bitter. To know, he will spend 60-100 yuan every day to buy drugs. He describes his own day: morning 10 when leaving the rental, walk to the Sanyuanli village to buy packages of the drug, then retrace rental housing, hiding in the toilet shot; about 11 o’clock and take a bus to the train station ticket speculation, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to return to rental housing, and an injection; and in the afternoon 4 when and from the rental house rushed to the train station, fry a ticket to in the evening 9 when. Back to the rental house for the last shot.

On the “seven three” of drug abuse, his wife did not too much blame. But what happened next let earthquake surprised: one is “three seven” with a dirty needle inject drugs, causing infection ass, is surgery students cut out a piece of meat; the second is the “three seven” sometimes habit to come, even his own urine recycling injection.

She begged him: give up.

“Three seven” locked the door, lying in the attic. Eight hours later, he began to yawn and run, “as if there were tens of thousands of bugs in the bones.” He took his head against the wall, pull hair caught the chest – – – – – – 30 hours after, “three seven” or ran the San Yuan Li Cun. A few days ago, “seven three” and go to an old criminal police: “I’m in the limelight again to the train station, you put me on the spot, held me for half a month, let me quit, and then I go back to my hometown — again, a month, my wife will be born.”

Interception regulations for use


They live in a vacuum.

Unannounced visits a week later, I could not help but said the rental housing temporary staff.

For example addicts — “three seven” tell me, he in the rental lived for two years, never to ask the landlord to produce their identity cards, more didn’t go to the relevant departments to apply for temporary residence permits. Here, there is no any one had to check him, he coax her, their harm with others, “landlord, of course, I know that drug abuse and fry the ticket, but I paid the rent, he protected me!” “three seven” almost uncivilized people.

street street

Railway station known as “detective” Han Yanfu also said, last year He Xin Shi Zhen Tang Xia Village to arrest a suspect to, your name, age, all know, also certainly he in Tangxia settled but to the police station to check no such person; to Bulgaria, or no such person, of course, a week after the detective or catch the suspect – in Tangxia a rental house, “if the suspect to do temporary residence permits, I’ll be able to on the computer to check, a few hours can catch him!”

Why there is such a management “vacuum” it?

I think the reason may be many, but it is very important that the landlord has withheld the relevant laws and regulations. It is understood, for rental housing management, national law, provincial regulations, provisions of the city. These, the landlord can not do not know the rental housing. But they tend to cut and keep the relevant laws and regulations, or make modifications, in order to rent out the house, sucked in.


A landlord of the village of Sanyuanli told us: “you only have a personal identity card is also the three, a week after I go to help you do temporary residence permit.” I think, the landlord must be very clear about the provisions: no identity can not rent, temporary residence permit within 24 hours to apply for a permit, I need to do. So why should she put these Regulations “interception”? Later she said the truth: according to the regulations, so strict, but also not to scare people away? No one to rent a house, how can I live?

A village in the town, we don’t even have the card can also rent a room. Is the expression of the landlord; regulations is dead, people are living, the only alternative to strict rules mechanically, to rent out to housing.

The punishment of the owner is too soft


Rental housing can be with the relevant departments to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, whether his punishment is too light?

Reporter and a half months conducted a thorough investigation confirmed that the relevant departments punishment illegal rental housing owners indeed too soft, penalties for recording individual local or even blank.

In Guangzhou Xin Shi Zhen Tang Xia Cun, a homeowner opened the door, the whole building leased to the “Mummy”, “mommy” then sublet to “Miss”, vigorously pursued “person pork business.” Homeowners on the activity room certainly clear, but for their own “bags of peace”, he didn’t get rid of “Mummy”, “Miss”, not to the public security organs report, sometimes returned to “Miss” cheer: safe here, live at ease. The building is usually miss caught up, put a catch, but the owner has never received the punishment.


Reflect the Baiyun District vision of a village, the relevant departments of foreign population registration or carry out clear, action, Ronald Reagan, the village many homeowners heard the sound of the wind, tipped off the renters. If yes, renters and homeowners also escaped unscathed. The limelight is over, rental and dregs.

It is understood, the Ministry of public security, Provincial Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau has clearly stipulates: homeowners are not allowed to be rental housing to no valid certificate of the lessee; the owner found lessee criminal activities or criminal suspects, shall promptly report to the public security organs.

In accordance with the above provisions, the owner must assume security responsibility. Then, once the owner did not do security responsibility, they should be punished, even heavy fines. However, this is not the case.

First of all, some of exists rental house’s management regulations inconvenient operation. For example, the pertinent rules and regulations of the rental housing owners must urge to rent them for temporary residence permits, must be to conduct safety inspections of rental housing and so on, but did not require homeowners do not do the subject to any penalty. Also the provisions of the Ordinance, homeowners found lessee the use of rental housing for illegal and criminal activities, or criminal suspects do not stop, do not report, by the public security organs criticism and education, shall be ordered to its deadline for rectification, revoke the “rental housing security management permits”; if the circumstances are serious can impose a fine. In this regard, many owners attitude is: no paragraph, hanging card, just no fee obviously, these penalties are too light, it is difficult to play a sufficient deterrent.

Secondly, there is no violation of the owner fined regulations. In accordance with the existing regulations, in a rental house found the problem, in addition to rent one to three times the fines imposed on the owners of the house, the lack of powerful punishment measures. Two years ago, Baiyun District public security organs has increased penalties, will often in violation of public security management regulations of the owners of rental housing seal. As a result, the owner immediately put the public security organs to tell a court — the reason is Jane radiolabeling; the existing legal provisions, only the courts and the housing Department has the right to housing for the seizure. The court has sentenced in a dilemma: the public security organs, after losing it, talk about how to execute one as a warning to others? To lose it and homeowners do not comply with the current regulations.

Again, law enforcement departments “dislocation”. According to regulations, the owner shall be punished for violations of the public security organ to implement, but in fact is often the security for others. Zhibao team does not have the real law enforcement qualification, does not have the legal enforcement powers, penalty execution when a word is not suitable. Efforts will naturally be a lot weaker. Not to mention, Zhibao team served by local villagers, and the owner of the village folks, bow to see the rise, so most is not willing to “strike” even if the punishment is to be like a formality. Xiao Gang Cun town, a homeowner who had threatened; a village, who shot the who?!

It seems, indeed should revise the existing laws and regulations, impose penalties on illegal owners. Otherwise, the rental housing management will remain; “water month, in the mirror”!

Dirty more than Sanyuanli


The hotline is a machine!

8 to 11 pm last night, the newspaper launched the five hotline, by participating in the rental house secret report of the five reporters to answer the reader calls, just three hours, 600 readers have a phone to express their views, a miss surnamed Huang from 8 pm until nearly11 to call.

Sanyuanli far more than shelter evil people and countenance evil practices.

Many readers call to reflect, the filth of the rental housing, and never more than three yuan in a place, exist in many places, a surname reader said, Shahe area rental yellow, gambling and drug abuse, “Wu Bian chicken” trip into the city, “drug addicts” commonplace, discovery pirates robbery case also. Now, rental housing has become some people commit crimes in violation of the law “back garden”, has become a “Guangzhou people heart scar”.

Temporary residence permit fees are too high

Hunan to spike the king said: do temporary residence permit, to pay 30 yuan per month, the monthly income is only a few hundred dollars of foreign workers is too expensive, so many foreign workers simply do not do. Liaoning Mr. Zhang reflect that may be out of prejudice, in Xinshi town Tangxia village, usually Liaoning, Jilin, HeilongjiHeroinang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, six provinces to the city to apply for temporary residence permits. Wu and other readers call said, individual village cadres engage in special, rent their house will not have to do zhe live, and no one can check.

Law enforcement lack of basic quality

Mr. Li and other hundreds of readers call about, like the new town Tangxia village, is a typical urban village “”. These villages in the process of urbanization, and did not include the management of urbanization. But retains the original village management. It was a strange phenomenon; some in the village of law enforcement, for example, public security personnel, and no real law enforcement qualification, also does not have the basic quality of law enforcement.

Good evening dare touch the truth

Readers praise rental housing problems, the newspaper caught the people most concerned about the masses dare to touch, to tell the truth. They also reflect that these two days of evening paper sold particularly fast, after 5 pm to buy. A man surnamed Ma of the public said yesterday he to buy an evening news, from the train station has been found in the Baiyun Airport, asked 10 newsstand, finally did not buy, had no choice but to neighbor borrowed.