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Mid Autumn Festival moon

I like the Mid Autumn Festival falls on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, I look up to the sky, saw a full moon, but we do not often say that the round bright moon, the sky have the layers of cloud, smoke like fog, misty in the moonlight. Halo is precisely this full moon and clear the clouds matchmaker, pull in between the two, faint point on the circle, neither overwhelming and worth of Jiaotai. The quiet summer night can always give me peaceful moonlit night, a feeling of tranquility and leisure. Clean and clear as soft as water sprinkled moonlight, light pouring, melting Ning implication.

Moonlight is soft and transparent, light and elegant. I like the moonlight like water through precipitation mood, moonlight, drink. Open the window, moonlight quietly pouring on the skin, light and elegant charm, fresh implication of exotic natural flow in the heart border. The moon such as training, the mood in the moonlight becomes clear and soft, suddenly all moved in life and the beautiful clever float if. When the Spring Festival, although coincides with the false but feel free, every year is bustling about. But the Mid Autumn Festival, gives a special joy, a mood of rest, a special kind of want to go. Whenever I think of it, it seems like a different mood. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. That is the harvest of the savings, but also the beginning of the harvest. It is said that she is due to the savings, not much time. Say that she is the beginning, because the fall is a step in the footsteps of her fruits, and the people’s heart is about to harvest joy. I think only through the experience of rural life experience, will have this kind of feeling, mood and inner deep feelings. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Under the moonlight round, round cake, ripe apples, pears, grapes and other fruits are also on the city.

In the moonlight, people enjoy the food of the festival, the topic of the harvest. The side of the moon, while missing relatives in a foreign land. Real so-called: “every festival is prepared to think about the festival”. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year the cakes on the market now a superb collection of beautiful things. The appearance of the moon cake is very thick, the pattern is always so clear, so uniform, so good-looking. You see, the new moon cake served, a fragrance taste blowing, it is be unable to hide one’s greed! So a catch up with the mid autumn holiday home, to eat two pieces of incense, sweet, feel good…… I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year, she brings me a new feeling, a new experience, a new harvest. I would like to feel the love of their loved ones in this mood, taste the philosophy of life, experience the changes in the home. Mid Autumn Festival is coming, I hope this year’s mid autumn months more round, smarter, but also pray for my family more healthy, my hometown will be more beautiful, rich, in heart expectations motherland more prosperous. Perhaps, this is the true meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival.

This is my promise

No one in the dark night sky without stars, the moon, but somewhat lonely. At the end of winter wind is still somewhat cold, litter on the ground, and then gently dancing down, soundless and stirless.

There are few pedestrian street, I tighten collar, sprinted home to catch, 12 points back the suffered some spittle star son’s baptism! The nine peaks of the bridge as if inlaid in the shady, wind blowing wildly, people want to stay in the moment, I could not help but trot.

“Sister group, please, give me some money!” A small body, only a thin shirt little brother got in my way. “No money.” I don’t think the same as some of the pedestrian to throw this cold. He grabbed my arm and shook it, and said, with a slightly begging, “the good man will be safe in his life.”!” The dark face, his eyes seem exceptionally bright, he cocked his head to think: “well, 5 hair can also be. Big Chinese new year, you have pity on me.” A slight frown, demeanor is that he’s really not letting this go. See I did not answer, and continue to say: ‘give 5 hair, I will remember your good, big sister, please.” He bit her lower lip, look through a faint uneasiness, mixed with a sense of hope. “No, no, no, you just search.” I have already said testily, the wind blew away all my patience.

His eyes dim like to go, do not look at my pocket, head buried in front of the chest, the tone is very lost: “excuse me, you go.” I should have got up and left, the pace can but can’t move, a sense of guilt in my heart. Suddenly, I wondered if I hurt a heart full of hope. I do not know which is the impulse, I turned and shouted: “Hey, tomorrow I can bring money again?” He gave a start, jumping around, surprised to nod. That flying smile how can be so brilliant? Can not understand so far.

Time quietly drips from the fingers, when I think about it again, already 5 days later.

I wore a hat to the nine peak bridge. The bridge crowded, the dark but innocent face is particularly striking. The rising sun, the golden sun to every corner. He stood in front of a rusty broken green bowl, very pleased by the dirty burden, a quiet face. I walked past him, he looked at me, twisted his head to think about what. Remember me? He had a flat mouth, a frown, a depression, a depression. Yeah! Every day he wants to beg to so many people, how can you remember me? I clenched the hand of the money, perhaps it is not necessary to give it.

But a word from the mind flash: know how to keep the promise, is the person who knows how to live. Even if the other side is a single weak small begging.

I’m back. He is interested to a breakdown of the palm of the hand on the young little coin. Perhaps in his think that this is just the beginning of a day, some time, some hope. Eyes are still crystal clear, and not because of the unfortunate life has become cold. Everything is so pure and beautiful. I took advantage of him not to pay attention, will throw the money in the bowl, and then mix the crowd.

I turned around, I saw him stand up and looked around, eyes eagerly search, filled with surprise and gratitude.

I’ve made my promise. The happiness can be so simple, often hand can be. But that sentence and his clear eyes with floating in my mind — “know how to keep promises to the people, is to understand the lives of people.”

Lao zhou

Oh! Our class come to a European, which can be opened is not a eyes and lie ah! Some people will question, foreign devil how esteems the small school? I don’t beat around the Bush!, you see, the face like snow white boy, is the so-called Europeans. Influenced by the atmosphere in the class, I often call him. Old week.. In fact, he was 14 years old, is one hundred percent of the Chinese people. I do not know the impact of genetic factors or the day after tomorrow, his face can be described as. The stars in the sky, the black jingjing. A mole is really to spoil sb.’s enthusiasm. Flowers inserted in cow dung. Fortunately he has striking body pure white skin, so nobody notices that a single short mole. Everything is a double-edged sword, it also has a positive,. Old week “chest has a big black nevus, so he often said proudly. Look at me, big ‘mole’. Park the most appreciated his forehead liuyemei, although this is often used to describe a charming woman, but right at him, because he’s too many advantages, so. Old week. The name is also diversified because of his yellow hair, so it is called “Jinmao Shiwang. Because love love book excellent in character and learning, so it is called “fire magic, bookworm. .

Don’t judge people by outward appearance, open. Old week. Window of the mind, look inside the scenery!

Bamboo is hollow, pine, bamboo and plum blossom, so the bamboo as a symbol of modesty.. Old week. Is an open-minded person, use the word “very modest” to describe him is fully deserve. Look, how stingy he is, to him ask difficult questions, always curtly sent you, or pretend to be deaf and dumb, I know this is his modest performance, so. Excessive modesty is the pride of the words to stimulate him, but he is a strong resistance, I have nothing to say. More let me beat his breast is sub county stage of the examination, the teacher put of seven papers issued down, my score a total of more than 700 points, and he was than I am more than 20 cents. He ranked the highest grade, I specially to congratulate him. Unexpectedly, he was a high-profile praised me, which enable students around are whispering, people say that I envy, some people say I teach, I really want to Yangtianchangtan day ah! I really than Dou also injustice ah! Since he got my embarrassment, I gradually understand the humility of the truth.

He is also an optimistic person, and he is the best witness of a lively smiling face, in his life everywhere, no place to see his smile. May I both is a playful spirit, love watching cartoons, especially the Q version of the Three Kingdoms “, whenever we talk about the climax, the classroom may become bedlam, happy without tears. I claim. Appoint. He smiled, my voice was suddenly increased, he smiled, and the aftermath of more than. So he is particularly well developed in the headquarters. In his smile, the most memorable is his self comforting smile. At first, the teacher for no reason at all shouted his meal, he suffered injustice, but only to dimeishunyan, repeatedly nono, I think timely comfort him, unexpectedly is a brilliant smile still on his face, mouth round dimple and Qie increased muscle makes me see a strong he. One laugh makes people ten years younger worry, white head. Laugh, is the life of the rain, is the spirit of adequate agent. It is because of you a magnet to laugh, so his friends are beyond count.

This is the “old week”, a good school and optimistic boy!

Life-changing four words

“It is stupid Nothing is right!” On the street, a mother from a six or seven year old boy in the fiercely, the reason is that the children go far away from her some. The mother said these words, the voice enough to get close to passing pedestrians are heard clearly have scolded the boy had to silently back to mother side, head bowed, eyes tightly staring at the ground.
This is only a short moment, but sometimes, it is this short moment will be a long time in the hearts of people linger. Some words, maybe just speaker casually say, for he himself doesn’t mean anything. However, these words to others, especially the hearer, but can often produce endless effects. ” It is stupid “may Nothing is right. long echoed in the listener’s ear.

I know a professional writer named Dale Cave Marc M, who is now 48 years old, in the past 24 years of his career, he has made gratifying achievements. Finally from him, I heard a true story about him.
Dale Cave said, he is a child, he is very timid and shy children, almost no friends, and no confidence, always feel that they can not do anything. In October 1965 ~ day, where he middle school English teacher, Mrs. Burroughs to the class layout of the operation, she asked the students to read ha Xuan, Li’s novels, and then at the end of the novel with his words writing a paragraph of text. Dale Cave finished the homework carefully and handed it to Mrs. Brauss. Now he can’t remember he had written content and browse wife to his score, but he still bclearly remember, and will never forget Mrs. Burroughs wrote in his composition in the blank at the four words — “well written!” these four words changed his life.

“Before I read these four words, I didn’t know who I was and what I could do in the future,” Dale Cave said. “I didn’t know what to do until I got home after reading Mrs. Brauss’s comments.” Later, in the study of the spare time, he wrote? Many small stories, every time he took his work to the school, to Brauss too big. Thib Laws greatly to these rights tender crystal give d) heel dance exciting, serious and x minus evaluation, she has done all the delight is Shaw’s I need. ” Dale Cave said.
Before long, he was appointed editor of the school newspaper. This makes his confidence times increase, at the same time, but also broaden the horizons of a thus, he started his successful and fulfilling life. Dale Cave believes that if there is no first Brauss in his writing blank space to write four words, then he is now owned by the.

At the thirtieth session of the middle school students, Dale Cave returned to his original school and visited Brauss, who had retired. He told Mrs. Brauss about the impact of the first four words of the county on his life: it was the four in the county that gave him the confidence and courage to become a good writer. He also told Mrs. Brauss. In his office, he had received a young girl, the girl studying every night to get a high school diploma. Now she took a certificate to him, to seek his help and advice, because he is a good writer. He passed his faith and courage from Mrs. Brauss to the girl, who had become a writer, and became his wife.

Mrs. Brauss was deeply touched by the story. Dale Cave said: “at that moment, I think Mrs. Brauss is aware that she has given me and my wife a deep and lasting influence.”
“It’s stupid Nothing is right. write very good!”
A very simple one, but often can change the life of a person.
A person, when he has unlimited enthusiasm, you can achieve anything.

You can realize your dream

5 years ago, I went to the south to do the welfare work. All I have to do is to make everyone believe that they have the ability to be self-sufficient and motivate them to achieve their own ideas.

When I came to a small town called a secret, I called the local government to help the 25 on government benefits to the life of the poor. After shaking hands with them, I asked their first question is: “do you have any dreams?”” Everyone looked at me with a strange look at me. As if I was an alien.

“Dream? We never have dream. Dream can’t let us make a fortune.” And one of them was a red nose and the widow answered me.

I patiently explained, “there is a dream not a dream. You certainly hope to get something, and hope That something will suddenly realize, this is a dream.”

Red nose widow said: I do not know what you say the dream is something. I now want to get rid of the beast, because they always want to break into my house to bite my child.” We all laughed.

I said: Oh! What do you think of the way?” She said: “I want to install a strong, can defend the beast’s new door. So I can go out and work.” I asked: “who will do the beast door?” The crowd a balding leg man said: many years ago I came to do, I’m afraid not. But I can try.” Then I ask you what dreams are. A single mother said: I want to go to the University Secretary, but no one to take care of my 6 children.” I asked: who can take care of 6 children.”

A lonely old woman said: “I used to help others with too many children, I think I can bring those cute little guy.” I give the bald man some money to buy materials and tools, and then let these people dissolved.

A week later, I called the poor. My nose as the red widow: your home door installed anti beast?”
Red nose widow happy to say: I do not have to guard my child at home again, I have time to realize my dream.”
I then asked how to feel the bald man. He said to me: many years ago, I gave my own to do the anti monster, did not do well, then I would never do. This time I want to do a good job, the result is really good. Many people say I am great, and can do so strong and beautiful door.”

I said to the poor people who need help, this is a very good example. It shows that the dream is real. A lot of time not ourselves no skill, but we rest on our laurels, do not want to try, or not willing to put in the effort. ”

5 years later, when I come to the dense Addo visit, when the 25 poor, only six mental retardation of persons with disabilities continue to living on government welfare, the remaining 19 people had on the self-sufficiency of the happy life: red nose widow coffee harvest is very good, balding man into the local famous carpenter. The childless old lady opened a daycare center after the University of single’s mother is the best, she opened a large furniture company, absorbing the many need help people to her company to employment.