The sea, I came

When I was a child, watching the sea for me is a beautiful dream, the genial sunshine, gentle sea breezes, golden beaches, blue sea water just in a dream to see. At that time, I often think of one day be able to marching valuables on the beach, in the sea enjoy shouting and running. Then, happily picked up one by one beautiful red shells. Such a blue dream, with me through a spring and summer autumn and winter.
Seven years old that year of the summer, I was willing to see the sea finally realized, my father took me to Yantai Shandong. Years of dream is about to achieve, I can not restrain the excitement of the heart. A strength to ask my father when will come ah. Dad always said to me, do not worry, soon to the sea. After 4.5 hours’ walk, we finally arrived at the beach. I do not care to put down their luggage on the beach, to a time and again in the dream of the lovely sea ben. In front of the sea, endless, to much larger than I imagined, seawater is a jewel like blue, layer by layer from light blue to blue from blue to dark blue. The beach is golden yellow, but in the golden yellow with some gray black. In the heart of the halo of a lot of dark. Even so, I still very happy. Facing the sea, I can feel it’s broad, forceful. This feeling is shocking my heart, young I rummaged through the brain lack the knowledge base, unexpectedly no rhyme or reason to sing the phrase “send the mayfly in heaven and earth, boundless sea of millet.”
I’ve been on the beach for a whole day. In the sand dune, find the shell cracks in the rocks, catch crabs. Of course, I did not forget a little taste of the taste of the sea, the salty, with a bitter smell.
It’s not necessary to play in the daytime. At night, I whim, want to see the sea at night. Parents are not agree with, the mother is busy buying clothes accessories, the father had to follow, let me a person to them and not rest assured. To be sure to go. I hide from them, slipped out of the brigade, anyway, the sea is in the hotel, came to the seaside. Night of the sea is very calm, the waves kiss the coast, a slight “Shua Shua” sound, during the day and that naughty spray had not see, seem to be already to sleep. At this time of the sea is so mysterious, hazy, as if a veiled girl. Looked at the calm sea, my heart began to be quiet, completely intoxicated in this night, unexpectedly not consciously hum Huang Lei’s “I think I was the sea”. There was silence, only a few fishing boats on a fishing boat in the dark when death.
The sea for the first time in my laughter in the end, sea the broad mind, forceful momentum gave me left a deep impression. Although he is not as perfect as the heart, but I still love the sea, the next time I want to see the sea.

Mid Autumn Festival moon

I like the Mid Autumn Festival falls on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, I look up to the sky, saw a full moon, but we do not often say that the round bright moon, the sky have the layers of cloud, smoke like fog, misty in the moonlight. Halo is precisely this full moon and clear the clouds matchmaker, pull in between the two, faint point on the circle, neither overwhelming and worth of Jiaotai. The quiet summer night can always give me peaceful moonlit night, a feeling of tranquility and leisure. Clean and clear as soft as water sprinkled moonlight, light pouring, melting Ning implication.

Moonlight is soft and transparent, light and elegant. I like the moonlight like water through precipitation mood, moonlight, drink. Open the window, moonlight quietly pouring on the skin, light and elegant charm, fresh implication of exotic natural flow in the heart border. The moon such as training, the mood in the moonlight becomes clear and soft, suddenly all moved in life and the beautiful clever float if. When the Spring Festival, although coincides with the false but feel free, every year is bustling about. But the Mid Autumn Festival, gives a special joy, a mood of rest, a special kind of want to go. Whenever I think of it, it seems like a different mood. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. That is the harvest of the savings, but also the beginning of the harvest. It is said that she is due to the savings, not much time. Say that she is the beginning, because the fall is a step in the footsteps of her fruits, and the people’s heart is about to harvest joy. I think only through the experience of rural life experience, will have this kind of feeling, mood and inner deep feelings. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Under the moonlight round, round cake, ripe apples, pears, grapes and other fruits are also on the city.

In the moonlight, people enjoy the food of the festival, the topic of the harvest. The side of the moon, while missing relatives in a foreign land. Real so-called: “every festival is prepared to think about the festival”. I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year the cakes on the market now a superb collection of beautiful things. The appearance of the moon cake is very thick, the pattern is always so clear, so uniform, so good-looking. You see, the new moon cake served, a fragrance taste blowing, it is be unable to hide one’s greed! So a catch up with the mid autumn holiday home, to eat two pieces of incense, sweet, feel good…… I like the mood of the Mid Autumn Festival. Every year, she brings me a new feeling, a new experience, a new harvest. I would like to feel the love of their loved ones in this mood, taste the philosophy of life, experience the changes in the home. Mid Autumn Festival is coming, I hope this year’s mid autumn months more round, smarter, but also pray for my family more healthy, my hometown will be more beautiful, rich, in heart expectations motherland more prosperous. Perhaps, this is the true meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Winter in Shijiazhuang

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, four seasons reincarnation, this is not, a year on this past 3/4, Shijiazhuang ushered in a cold winter.

Shijiazhuang’s winter is not as cold as in Harbin, Hainan is not as hot, but not as warm and lovely Ji’nan winter. Winter in Shijiazhuang has its own characteristics.

Shijiazhuang, the winter is coming in the unconscious of, I do not know from when to rise, the leaves of the tree off the light, grass is the yellowing, is even my little turtle began to “hunger strike. Ready to sleep. A little red, yellow faded away. Shijiazhuang becomes a cinderella”. Winter has arrived!

Shijiazhuang’s winter is gray, the sky is always overcast with a few days a smile. In the grey sky, can always see the crowds to the south of the birds, it is inevitable that you feel some sad, some sad. But they are, and they are dotted with the gray sky.

The wind is gray, whether you wear thick, as long as the wind blows, you’ll still shivering. At this time, as long as you outside for a walk wind quasi will put the grey. Gift. Give you, come back a face will be found, the face is gray.

Gray winter let Shijiazhuang is a bit quiet, car while it is noisy, but pedestrians on the street much less, everyone in the room enjoying the warm heating, who are willing to go? So wonderful is snow, not only the children like, adults also like. The children in the snow snowball, snowman, was holding the camera, “Kacha kacha. Take pictures. The crowds of white fairy let Shijiazhuang more clean, more beautiful, silvery white world, plus a few gray dotted, true generosity is which created by the famous paintings ah! Look, Cinderella into princess!!

This is the winter of Shijiazhuang, and the winter of Ji’nan, Shijiazhuang’s winter is more you are black and white old movies, although the lack of some bright colors, but still will not make you feel bored, and perhaps this is the characteristics of the winter in Shijiazhuang!
Thin taste, Shijiazhuang’s winter has been the flavor of the!