This is my promise

No one in the dark night sky without stars, the moon, but somewhat lonely. At the end of winter wind is still somewhat cold, litter on the ground, and then gently dancing down, soundless and stirless.

There are few pedestrian street, I tighten collar, sprinted home to catch, 12 points back the suffered some spittle star son’s baptism! The nine peaks of the bridge as if inlaid in the shady, wind blowing wildly, people want to stay in the moment, I could not help but trot.

“Sister group, please, give me some money!” A small body, only a thin shirt little brother got in my way. “No money.” I don’t think the same as some of the pedestrian to throw this cold. He grabbed my arm and shook it, and said, with a slightly begging, “the good man will be safe in his life.”!” The dark face, his eyes seem exceptionally bright, he cocked his head to think: “well, 5 hair can also be. Big Chinese new year, you have pity on me.” A slight frown, demeanor is that he’s really not letting this go. See I did not answer, and continue to say: ‘give 5 hair, I will remember your good, big sister, please.” He bit her lower lip, look through a faint uneasiness, mixed with a sense of hope. “No, no, no, you just search.” I have already said testily, the wind blew away all my patience.

His eyes dim like to go, do not look at my pocket, head buried in front of the chest, the tone is very lost: “excuse me, you go.” I should have got up and left, the pace can but can’t move, a sense of guilt in my heart. Suddenly, I wondered if I hurt a heart full of hope. I do not know which is the impulse, I turned and shouted: “Hey, tomorrow I can bring money again?” He gave a start, jumping around, surprised to nod. That flying smile how can be so brilliant? Can not understand so far.

Time quietly drips from the fingers, when I think about it again, already 5 days later.

I wore a hat to the nine peak bridge. The bridge crowded, the dark but innocent face is particularly striking. The rising sun, the golden sun to every corner. He stood in front of a rusty broken green bowl, very pleased by the dirty burden, a quiet face. I walked past him, he looked at me, twisted his head to think about what. Remember me? He had a flat mouth, a frown, a depression, a depression. Yeah! Every day he wants to beg to so many people, how can you remember me? I clenched the hand of the money, perhaps it is not necessary to give it.

But a word from the mind flash: know how to keep the promise, is the person who knows how to live. Even if the other side is a single weak small begging.

I’m back. He is interested to a breakdown of the palm of the hand on the young little coin. Perhaps in his think that this is just the beginning of a day, some time, some hope. Eyes are still crystal clear, and not because of the unfortunate life has become cold. Everything is so pure and beautiful. I took advantage of him not to pay attention, will throw the money in the bowl, and then mix the crowd.

I turned around, I saw him stand up and looked around, eyes eagerly search, filled with surprise and gratitude.

I’ve made my promise. The happiness can be so simple, often hand can be. But that sentence and his clear eyes with floating in my mind — “know how to keep promises to the people, is to understand the lives of people.”

Smoke and rain in the south of the city

Jiangnan a let the cherished place, a place for emperors to linger, a in the hearts of everyone are soft and beautiful place… Today, I came to a long time with the excitement of the south.

My family came to the ancient city of Hangzhou Jiangnan, is just a sunny day. The beautiful scenery of the city of Hangzhou in our eyes.

Hangzhou City intact preserved a large number of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the layout of the old layout has remained unchanged for a long time. A small river passes through the city, like the ancient city to a green belt around the. On both sides of the river within ten meters, and the Yangtze River than seem worth mentioning, but it has its unique meaning. So that the daughter of a humble family, delicate. The river is a stone seat, carved white jade belt. The river from the boat through, which is the motherland four Xinjiang tourists.

In the old alleys through, look around, see all the old house is having an antique flavour. Corner high eaves of houses, wooden carved pavilion. Man seems to be back to the past, I raised the camera to record everything down. The ancient courtyard often planted with trees and some trees, apricot, some begonia. The road on the left countless people stepped on the left corner of the potholes, everywhere in the growth of moss tells the ancient town. However, this is just a small town, and it makes the other side has not been revealed by many people amazing.

We lived in the city of seven or eight days in the Antique Hotel, the last day of the trip to the south, the sky is getting dark, began to rain. I stood at the door of the hotel, looking at the rain in the south. This is different from most of the rain rain on both sides of the Changjiang River. The rain is misty, light, quietly and soundless and stirless, infiltration of the whole world. Readily open to buy an umbrella, walking in the deep area. Thinking about when wanting to see city finally one eye, but had not thought of, this before leaving the last glimpse, but let me saw the most exciting scene.
An umbrella walking in the city, around the quiet desolate. Habitually step into a lane, lane is full of a large house yard, the hospital more or less planted a seguinii, but always shy want to open the is not open.

No, apricot and pear yesterday was full Begonia in the smoke of the rain. Rain will be that a tree pink wipe open, in the whole city, but also into the bottom of my heart. I was amazed. Then, take a deep breath, moist air dew with flowers and ancient charm deeply into my lungs. In the hands of the umbrella I do not know when it has been put away, with open arms to open up the sky and the rain to a deep hug. A shower and I bumped into the rain, through my clothes and my skin embrace, a cool, leisurely will not see.

The Jiangnan rain ethereal, every drop has its life, like hair, like hairs, played a rain dance in the air. The whole city of Hangzhou was shrouded in smoke rain, like in a thick fog mabukai. Corner of the green into the eyes, patches of moss in the rain exudes the green light, it is contains numerous vitality of dark green, that is after the rain in the moss.

Walk in the river, suddenly very want to find the boat, for a moment, finally found a man willing to boating in the rainy day. The old man punting on the prow, there is a desk in the cabin, on the table there is a pot of hot tea, it is in order to keep the guests. From the end of the ancient porcelain cup looked thin, a green liquid, in the hands of a warm. To smell, a fragrance into the lungs. Micro sip, a bitter. This is tea, but why I’m a little tipsy? With blurred look at both sides, the whole courtyard wall corner Jiangnan hidden in the smoke in the rain. You see a few pink color, and ethereal fantasy. The rain in the fog of the ancient city of beautiful fantasy, like a mirage like illusion but true. The sunshine in Hangzhou at the moment is like a distant dream, so far, only a blurred eyes. The whole people drunk, drunk in the rain and fog in the south of the Yangtze river.

Before leaving the glance, I saw the most beautiful jiangnan. Now I know why it makes so many people dream, why so many emperors indulge in pleasures without stop. This wonderful means that is not white Ming, to your own experience.
Before leaving the glance, though it is back in an instant, but also is the eternal memories. The misty rain, really beautiful.

Lovely grandma

My grandmother is a big hand.
In my first memories, grandma’s hair is not white, walked like a gust of wind, very light. When the gun, grandma always loved opera “hum in three drops of blood from”. I forgot to tell you that my grandma although in the city spent nearly 40 years, but talk is still a mouthful of Shaanxi opera, so singing is particularly tasty. When I was carrying a small bag from the gate of the kindergarten, I heard grandma with her loud voice shouted deng. Nannan. Here, grandma here! Jesus sound particularly loud and very penetrating, I in the crowd one eye saw grandma, immediately a trot ran to the grandmother’s side. Grandma smiling carrying my bag, second-hand hold my hands, mouth humming opera, small step forward, no, Deng speed and I had to jog to keep the pace of grandma. Occasionally grandmother would give me with two snacks do you let me in the school on the road to eat, I eat a mouthful of oil, grandma while pretending angrily to me wiping his mouth, but humming sound of the Shaanxi opera is clear up. So, these fragments have become a few of my childhood memories of a very deep.

And then some big, grandma is old, the hair becomes gray. His voice is as ever louder, and even walking is not as good as the original brisk, but the words but a lot. Grandma used to say to me. Nannan, you see granny is so old, you are looking at a photograph of me when young, spirit, and his hair is black and bright?! and now look so much worse, this man is really old myself – – – – – -. He stroked his side, when young photos. I look at the pictures and have a look, grandma, think for a moment before. My grandma is not old, and the skin is better than before!.. Don’t cheat grandma, grandma knew! But my granddaughter, saying, oh, Grandma happy! Go, grandma gave you do stir mission to, Zuking Shaanxi Hancheng County,,,,, and. She cleared her throat, sang opera, minced into the kitchen. Only I feel alone. Ah, my grandmother is getting more and more stupid kid!

Oh, my grandma, despite the passage of time, your face is old, but you will always be in my mind are a voice loud and clear, walk like the wind, love to sing opera lovely grandma! Don’t forget and I, is full of thy youth, continue your life – – – – –